Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sans Makeup

No makeup. It's a glorious thing my friends.
The thing about me is, I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until high school. Which although I felt traumatized and ugly, I'm so glad my Mom didn't let me wear makeup. Holy moley am I glad! It's led to cleaner pores, a hatred of skin-clogging foundation, and just a confidence to walk out of the house with no makeup. Granted, I do wear it on an almost daily basis, but usually just mascara and eyeliner. I hate the feeling of foundation on my skin--It always just feels icky to me. I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with it, I just don't like it :P

Also, that picture was taken on my new laptop's webcam :)

As was this one...

Just for fun of course ;)

These were taken after swimming and a shower, and a spoonful of Nutella with my darling Celeste

Nothing could be more amazing :)

Love, Sarai


Celeste Stum said...

wow i love you sarai! :)

Sarai and Nancy said...

Um you better love me because I love you :)

Michelle McCallum said...

I agree :) I really really don't like foundation, I can almost feel it filling my pores! I'm just a mascara and eyeliner girl too (: (love Michelle :))

Sarai and Nancy said...

exactly! It always just feels so gross to me!