Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Lovin'

 Favorite Things About Summer So Far:
1. Lazy outfits with rockin' new shoes :)

2. Best friend vintage ring exchange with Hailey and Britta... There's a story that goes with this too! while we were shopping in Portland for our rings, we ran into AMANDA SEYFRIED!!! Crazy stuff I tell you! If you wanna know the whole story just ask. I'm too lazy right now. Just know, its the coolest thing of my life! 
This is my ring :)
3. My cousin's vineyard wedding!

4. All of the cousins and grandparents dancing together

My cousin's lovely booty shake
5. Sleep deprived mistake (aka mormon drunken mistake) at the grad party where I got a fake tattoo of a snake on my ankle without realizing that it looks ridiculous and doesn't come off for a while... 
6. Sweet notes from my closest friends
7. Best friend who's a boy staying after my grad party because I didn't want to be alone and playing with his freaking iPad!!  (i'm cherishing every moment we get because he's going to Nigeria for a year and will most likely leave while i'm in Chile *tear*)
8. Long phone call with my dear Sarai :) Our love knows no bounds!

I hope all of you are having great summers!

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