Friday, June 3, 2011

Unofficial Senior Skip Day

A branch fell off our tree...

Outfit details:
Pants-Forever 21

Technically, senior skip day is in a week. But it was originally scheduled for today, so after the senior breakfast today, we all kinda took it in a lot of us skipped. I skipped fourth, but I stayed at school and worked on pottery. It was our unofficial skip day because we just decided we want two. It was pretty fantastic and relaxing :)

Also, those two girls in the top picture are seriously the lights of my life! Gaby and Mari (that's really how they spell their names. They're Mexican) are the girls my Mom watches, and watching them grow up from newborns to an almost six year old and a four year old has been delightful :)
I told them I would ALWAYS call them my babies today, and they both informed me they weren't babies anymore...but do I care? No. Absolutely not.
Love, Sarai

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