Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wayne Garcia and I are Best big deal

Outfit details:
Necklace-Sis Mower
Earrings-random store in seaside
Shoes-BCBG from Cutter

I was almost late to seminary graduation. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, because it's seminary graduation....but I really hate being late for anything church-related that isn't actually seminary. Being late for that early-morning spiritual enlightenment has never really upset me, since I was literally late almost every single day last year....but the feeling of walking into the chapel late is so completely brutal :P
Luckily I wasn't late, and it was only awkward in the normal ways that a seminary graduation can be awkward. Which are, of course, a lot. It was still nice though :) I got a little booklet with my name, and some fancy signatures, and of course, I saw these shoes:

A girl in my stake, Rachel, is the proud owner of these orchid flower-adorned lovelies. I almost died when I saw them, because I genuinely feel that they are that perfect. I kind of fell in love :)
Speaking of Miss Rachel, she sang a song tonight at the commencement, and it was LOVELY! I didn't know she could sing, but it was so spiritual and beautiful...I was amazed and pleasantly surprised!

Also no big deal, Rachel and I are in the same dorm fall term at BYU! Exciting much? Creamery runs will be in order <3

And on to Wayne Garcia....
Yesterday my dad took me here:

To see the Timbers play the Colorado Rapids. So insanely and amazingly fun! I had never been to any kind of sports event, because to be honest, sports are NOT MY THING. But I thought it sounded fun, and when my dad asked me, I was game. We have a neighbor with season tickets, and apparently my dad worked something out, cause there we were! So great you guys :)
And then my dad tells me that TV news personality, Wayne Garcia, of channel twelve (I think) was sitting two rows ahead of us! Of course, many of you don't know who he worries though. He's actually the only news personality I really recognize
So my dad took my picture with him:

After I took a stalker picture of him of course. Don't judge me. He's a good sport, after all

So the rest is history!

Goofy smile ^

dad and I being strange..

the 107 section. die-hard fans who lead every cheer, sing every song, never sit down, and lose their voices after every game haha.
They let them in one hour and seven minutes before the game starts...I think it's so legit

And the players :) So wonderful
Kenny Cooper, number 33, got kicked in the head with a cleat...painful! but he kept on playing...what a trooper!

Love, Sarai


Harley said...

This looks like so much fun!

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Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I love your dress in the first photo - very pretty!


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love the dress and the pink shoes! x

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Totally lovin the red lips!

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so cute! looks like you had a lot of fun!!