Sunday, July 31, 2011

This is a Good Feeling

Oufit Details:
Double Scoop Tee-Forever 21
Earrings-Charlotte Russe

Two things:

1. I got the job at Icing! I'm so excited, it's kind of ridulous. I almost applied for another job because I was so nervous, and I assumed I should start the job hunt again. But then, Amy Beth called. Amy Beth and I will be good friends, I can just tell. Wonderful. Anyway, I got the call, and I was mighty mighty excited when they offered me the job! I thought finding a job would be so much harder than this, but I guess I can credit my success in this endeavor to two people. My Papa, and my darling friend Brittni. First, my father has ALWAYS been a phenomenal example of what I should be in terms of a top-notch employee. I trust his judgement on how to behave during an interview, and how to just be the employee that they want me to be. Also, Brittni, the girl down the hall from me, gave me some really helpful tips and confidence boosts when I was freaking out before my interview. Wonderful girl she is :)

So that's that. I'm mighty excited :)

2. I like someone. I don't think he quite knows yet, but I hope he figures it out soon. I won't see him very often in a matter of a few weeks, so I'm really hoping he'll get a clue and realize that maybe making a move is okay, even if things won't last because we won't see each other. I think taking a chance, in the instance of possibly losing someone, is a noble decision. Brave, and scary, but who knows what it could lead to? I trust him with anything, and I can tell that he supports me in all my endeavors, and I love his spiritual side. But this is pretty much the first I've admitted of this little crush, and I guess I'm not necessarily expecting anything to happen, but I suppose crazier things have happened....

I hope he doesn't read my blog hahaha.

Probably not :)

Anyways, have a wonderful day, have a lovely life, enjoy your beginning of the week, because our monday is a day that some people don't have. I'm sure they'd relish the monday stress that we hold in such disdain.

Love, Sarai

Monday, July 25, 2011

Needles Scare Me.....

Outfit Details: Polka-dot shirt-Forever 21, Skirt-thrifted, T strap pumps-thrifted

I wore this outfit on Sunday....apparently Pioneer Day in Utah! I didn't even know that day existed until I got here. What a culture shock for a Washingtonian like moi? :)
And today I worked for five hours at the blood drive. A very interesting place for me to volunteer actually. I'm a bit terrified of needles. More than a bit terrified in fact. I'm so scared that I cry when nurses come towards me with needles. Yes, it's ridiculous, I'm fully aware. It honestly doesn't even hurt, it's just the anticipation of the sharp object piercing my skin that literally makes me want to throw-up. It's horrid. But because I firmly believe in blood donation, I felt that I must contribute in some way! So I signed people in, and met some mighty interesting folks along the way....

One guy randomly blew a kiss to me after he and his friend were kind of obnoxious when I was signing them in. That was very entertaining ;)

Overall, it was a great day. Even if I did spend it around antiseptic and needles.

OH, and here's a few pictures from the cupcake tasting that I went to this weekend :) Hmmm, these were some seriously delicious little cakes my friends. I scarfed a million of them :)

The above lemon one was my favorite by far :)

And this is the creator :) I'll let you know about her sometime. If you want an order of cupcakes, let me know!

And goofy shots of Chelsea and I....we're awesome sometimes :) this was on our way to see Thor, who is one sexy man!

Love, Sarai

PS: Tomorrow I have the follow-up interview for Icing! Pray for me if you would :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

"Kudos Lil' Midge!!"--Courtesy of Chelsea

Details: dress-Rachel's closet :), Boots-gifted, Ring-charlotte Russe, Earrings-gifted

Details: Tee-Forever 21, Dress-gifted, Vest-Plato's, Sandals-thrifted, belt-thrifted, earrings-Forever 21

I had a job interview today. At Icing. And that was the most nerve-wracking hour or two of my life. It was so scary, and exhilirating, and it made me feel like a legitimate adult! It was my first job interview, ever, and my first solo bus ride. Not just my first bus ride in Provo, no, my first solo bus ride in my entire life. So terrifying, all together. But? The good news, it went well. They asked me for a follow-up interview, and I feel fantastic about it. I honestly hope it works out, because I desperately need a job. And I'm actually genuinely hoping that I do get this job, because I enjoy fashion, as you can probably tell ;)

Oh, and the night before last, a few of us went to this FABULOUS 24 hour crepe place called "Roll Up My Crepe"

It is DIVINE. If you're in Provo, check it out! We all shared a Nutella crepe, and my friends convinced me to jump on the little stage to perform random songs. It was super-fun, but I actually got pretty nervous. I enjoyed it though :)

These are the crepe lady's fantastic feather extensions. I love her, and her feathers :)

Oh, and this is the outfit that was my inspiration the other day:

I dig it....

Love, Sarai

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Striped Tank-Target
Denim Shirt-Wally's World
Jeans-Forever 21
Shoes-Forever 21

"Imagine me and you, I do, I think about you day and night, it's only right, to think about the girl you love, and hold her tight, so happy TOGETHER!"

Imagine me singing that, very loudly, while cleaning my dorm room. I'm obnoxious

Yesterday was the last day of midterms, and because of cleaning checks and a mishap where I left my wallet in my room, I missed my test. Luckily, my teacher is wonderful and understanding :)

And today I almost didn't print my paper out on time. Things have been so precarious lately! It's only a stroke of good luck that my friend was at the library! Goodness sakes, thank you Sarah! But somehow, despite the insanity of my day, I still had a fantastic day
I don't even know why. It seems that since I've been here I've had very few awful days! Which is something I'm supremely grateful for! Maybe it's the wonderful friends I've made :)
last night we found some rejected exercise fun ;)

Oh! My friend Danny (I consider both of us to appear racially ambiguous) got called to the Cuernavaca Mexico mission! He's so excited, and I'm dang happy for the kid! Congrats danny!

Oh, what do you fellow bloggers think of me with a middle part? I kinda dig it, but I'm not sure if I'm delusional....

Enjoy your hump day! ;)

Love, Sarai

Monday, July 18, 2011

Spotted: the Elusive Snitch

Outfit Details: Dress-Plato's, Hat-gifted, sandals-thrifted

Details: Skirt-thrifted, shirt-thrifted, necklace-thrifted, belt-thrifted, shoes-Germany

I saw Harry Potter this weekend...and I went shopping. So basically, life was perfect this weekend. Just saying ;)

Harry Potter....let me just say I cried my eyes out during that movie. Half of that was because I was just so sad that it was ending! My childhood is legitimately over now...I only cried that much during Toy Story 3 for that same reason! It just killed me....
Which is so wonderful and nostalgic, but so depressing. I was honestly so confused. It genuinely made me feel lost...
oh gosh. I sound pathetic.
Anyway, I went with pretty much my entire floor, and it was insanely fun! My darling friend Travis dressed as the golden legit. And Danny dressed as a wizard, but I didn't get a good picture of that unfortunately...

And that same night, when I was feeling a bit emotional, I also felt like randomly talking to people, so I grabbed four guys who were talking to each other, and turns out we'd met before, and they had pranked everyone by putting the Creamery sign on top of the bike Diane and Carson climbed up also.

I love those ladies :)

Anyways, life is great, the weather is stormy as heck, and I wish I was asleep right now...but that would mean not studying, so unfortunately that's not going to happen....a girl can dream though....

Love, Sarai

PS: I just watched a movie with my dormmates. I love those girls :) They make my life so much better, and just knowing them is a blessing <3

Friday, July 15, 2011

Maybe, Just Maybe.

I think I rediscovered my love for the piano. Lately i've avoided playing at all costs and lessons were torture. As I began preparing for auditions (I had planned to major in piano performance) it felt like I was just playing the notes and nothing was personal or expressive. So, I changed my major and stopped practicing. This whole past year though, i've wanted to feel like I did at my first solo recital (pictured above) when I played my final "signature" piece. The whole piece was just me, playing, not thinking about people in the audience or stressing about technique. It's all very important but there's a line where it just hinders your playing. That's what happened this year. Everything just became a big stress.
Last night I had a two hour lesson (haven't had one that long in forever) and it felt amazing. I finally relaxed and just enjoyed what I was playing. I'm trying to keep it up. However, my major is still changed and will stay that way but it's still important to be able to keep that outlet open. Making piano my career though would just ruin it for me but I admire the people who do make music their career.


P.S. I know my stuff hasn't been about fashion lately but i'm working on it! Things are just crazy around here. haha

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meet the Best Dog EVER

I would like to introduce you all to the cutest, smartest, funniest, cuddliest, and just plain awesomest dog in the world.
And now meet his owner (aka best friend who's a boy)
And the rest of the crew

So said friend and I took a trip to the beach a few weeks ago to visit the lovely Britta who is working there all summer. It just so happened that Hailey and Shelby were there all that week! Anyway, two hour car rides with a friend are interesting... haha. Reading journals, listening to music from 8th grade, hanging out the windows to get a good picture of Charlie out the window, Sterl going the wrong direction ALL the time and not listening to me, turning off the car while driving, and crazy huge tickets (this shall not be spoken of anymore).
Anywhoo! The beach was great and if you've ever seen the movie Marley & Me you will appreciate this. For starters Charlie is a lab. Have you ever taken a lab to the beach? Crazy amounts of energy... So picture this. Crazy busy beach around 2 pm on a wonderfully sunny day and a dog just itching to get off the leash and jump into the ocean. Owner thinking "you're such a good dog. i'm going to let you off the leash". Friends watching and saying "look at how free charlie is!" Next thing we know, dog is pooping in the water. Grab dog. Leave. Go to a quieter beach.
Besides pooping incident, Charlie is the best :)


P.S. Here's a look at my newly dyed hair!
Back View

Side View

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whoever Said BYU Wasn't a Party School....

Details: shirt-Hannah? Dress-Gifted from Michaela, Shoes-thrifted, Belt-Borrowed, earrings-gifted?

Folks, college life is the bee's knees. I don't really understand how I thought I was having fun before I got here. Granted, hanging out with Nancy,and Celeste, and my family was always pretty fun. But in general, I'm pretty sure I got out six out of seven nights of the week. It's pretty bangin' actually :) No, there is no breaking of the honor code. But is it still fun? Yes, being stone cold sober is fantastic! I love knowing exactly what I'm doing, and I don't envy the people that don't one bit! Oh, and the lovely lady above is my hallmate Kendall!

Example: This above photo was taken at Sonic, at around ten? Anyways, the fat shirtless guy with the thumbs in the back? He's not a random photo bomber. We actually took that picture for the sole reason of getting him in the photo. And I think he thought he was photobombing our picture. But in reality, we planned for him to be in the background. Bask in our genius. Maybe he'll be my boyfriend?

And this is my darling besty, Brittni. She's from Georgia :) So she's a Georgia peach, and we all love her for it! How on earth would I survive without this girl?!?! I don't know...she's a wonderful addition to my life thank you very much! We went out for snowcones, and shared's kinda like dating, without the kissing of course ;)

And this is me taking webcam pictures, because I like to stall doing my homework so that I can feel pretty. And also, I was writing a song, so I kinda needed a break...and this is what I got haha.

On to the's the deal: I haven't written a song in five years. I used to attempt, but they all felt to contrived. And in that vein, I couldn't bear to continue trying. And yes, I am a dramatic person. Moving on. So I had a run-in with a cute guy, and things ended badly. It lasted all of a week. So I felt pathetic, but definitely not moved on I wrote a song. No, this isn't a Taylor Swift breakup. It's more like, my private feelings for the world to see. Which is intimidating, at best, but I did it anyway. I needed the closure of actually acknowledging my feelings. And also we're trying to be friends, so I'm not looking at exploiting the poor guy. Especially since it wasn't exactly all his fault. So yes...that's the story. And I'm thinking of not-so-subtly naming it "california" he's not from california. He's from kentucky {lie}. Duh. Why would I name a song after the state a guy is from...that makes no sense at all

And here's the song:

Thanks for your time Mr and Mrs Anonymous!

I leave you with this picture in honor of Harry Potter. Bask in my hotness.....