Friday, July 22, 2011

"Kudos Lil' Midge!!"--Courtesy of Chelsea

Details: dress-Rachel's closet :), Boots-gifted, Ring-charlotte Russe, Earrings-gifted

Details: Tee-Forever 21, Dress-gifted, Vest-Plato's, Sandals-thrifted, belt-thrifted, earrings-Forever 21

I had a job interview today. At Icing. And that was the most nerve-wracking hour or two of my life. It was so scary, and exhilirating, and it made me feel like a legitimate adult! It was my first job interview, ever, and my first solo bus ride. Not just my first bus ride in Provo, no, my first solo bus ride in my entire life. So terrifying, all together. But? The good news, it went well. They asked me for a follow-up interview, and I feel fantastic about it. I honestly hope it works out, because I desperately need a job. And I'm actually genuinely hoping that I do get this job, because I enjoy fashion, as you can probably tell ;)

Oh, and the night before last, a few of us went to this FABULOUS 24 hour crepe place called "Roll Up My Crepe"

It is DIVINE. If you're in Provo, check it out! We all shared a Nutella crepe, and my friends convinced me to jump on the little stage to perform random songs. It was super-fun, but I actually got pretty nervous. I enjoyed it though :)

These are the crepe lady's fantastic feather extensions. I love her, and her feathers :)

Oh, and this is the outfit that was my inspiration the other day:

I dig it....

Love, Sarai


Sarai and Nancy said...

hi friend! i just rediscovered the internet after not using it for a week and i love all your posts :) i WISH i could post pictures from DC and chile! but those will wait... plus im having a hard time with this stinkin keyboard and pressing รน a billion times while trying to press shift


anna said...

such creative outfits! love them!