Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Little Heart Pains

Isn't this picture the cutest?! Yeah, i definitely just googled "sad faces" and this came up :)
 Anyway, I just realized today that I leave in two weeks and I have to say goodbye to my best friend (other than sarai) for a whole year! AH! He's going to Nigeria and being a good person... gahh. Plus i'm just freaking out about school... There's just been a lot of stuff like this lately and i've come to call them little heart pains. It all started with Sarai leaving. haha. And yesterday my camera got ruined so no pictures for a while. Sad day. Just a warning, don't ever trust that uncontrollable boys won't throw you in a pool even if you do have a towel on while holding your dry clothes and brand new camera. (PUNK!)
This whole thing might sound a little emo but just read it in a light tone and then you'll know how I would be saying this to you. :) 

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Megan and Justin said...

awww that picture is seriously adorable! just found your blog, following now!