Friday, July 15, 2011

Maybe, Just Maybe.

I think I rediscovered my love for the piano. Lately i've avoided playing at all costs and lessons were torture. As I began preparing for auditions (I had planned to major in piano performance) it felt like I was just playing the notes and nothing was personal or expressive. So, I changed my major and stopped practicing. This whole past year though, i've wanted to feel like I did at my first solo recital (pictured above) when I played my final "signature" piece. The whole piece was just me, playing, not thinking about people in the audience or stressing about technique. It's all very important but there's a line where it just hinders your playing. That's what happened this year. Everything just became a big stress.
Last night I had a two hour lesson (haven't had one that long in forever) and it felt amazing. I finally relaxed and just enjoyed what I was playing. I'm trying to keep it up. However, my major is still changed and will stay that way but it's still important to be able to keep that outlet open. Making piano my career though would just ruin it for me but I admire the people who do make music their career.


P.S. I know my stuff hasn't been about fashion lately but i'm working on it! Things are just crazy around here. haha

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