Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meet the Best Dog EVER

I would like to introduce you all to the cutest, smartest, funniest, cuddliest, and just plain awesomest dog in the world.
And now meet his owner (aka best friend who's a boy)
And the rest of the crew

So said friend and I took a trip to the beach a few weeks ago to visit the lovely Britta who is working there all summer. It just so happened that Hailey and Shelby were there all that week! Anyway, two hour car rides with a friend are interesting... haha. Reading journals, listening to music from 8th grade, hanging out the windows to get a good picture of Charlie out the window, Sterl going the wrong direction ALL the time and not listening to me, turning off the car while driving, and crazy huge tickets (this shall not be spoken of anymore).
Anywhoo! The beach was great and if you've ever seen the movie Marley & Me you will appreciate this. For starters Charlie is a lab. Have you ever taken a lab to the beach? Crazy amounts of energy... So picture this. Crazy busy beach around 2 pm on a wonderfully sunny day and a dog just itching to get off the leash and jump into the ocean. Owner thinking "you're such a good dog. i'm going to let you off the leash". Friends watching and saying "look at how free charlie is!" Next thing we know, dog is pooping in the water. Grab dog. Leave. Go to a quieter beach.
Besides pooping incident, Charlie is the best :)


P.S. Here's a look at my newly dyed hair!
Back View

Side View

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