Monday, July 25, 2011

Needles Scare Me.....

Outfit Details: Polka-dot shirt-Forever 21, Skirt-thrifted, T strap pumps-thrifted

I wore this outfit on Sunday....apparently Pioneer Day in Utah! I didn't even know that day existed until I got here. What a culture shock for a Washingtonian like moi? :)
And today I worked for five hours at the blood drive. A very interesting place for me to volunteer actually. I'm a bit terrified of needles. More than a bit terrified in fact. I'm so scared that I cry when nurses come towards me with needles. Yes, it's ridiculous, I'm fully aware. It honestly doesn't even hurt, it's just the anticipation of the sharp object piercing my skin that literally makes me want to throw-up. It's horrid. But because I firmly believe in blood donation, I felt that I must contribute in some way! So I signed people in, and met some mighty interesting folks along the way....

One guy randomly blew a kiss to me after he and his friend were kind of obnoxious when I was signing them in. That was very entertaining ;)

Overall, it was a great day. Even if I did spend it around antiseptic and needles.

OH, and here's a few pictures from the cupcake tasting that I went to this weekend :) Hmmm, these were some seriously delicious little cakes my friends. I scarfed a million of them :)

The above lemon one was my favorite by far :)

And this is the creator :) I'll let you know about her sometime. If you want an order of cupcakes, let me know!

And goofy shots of Chelsea and I....we're awesome sometimes :) this was on our way to see Thor, who is one sexy man!

Love, Sarai

PS: Tomorrow I have the follow-up interview for Icing! Pray for me if you would :)


dotty said...

that top is fantastic! the pleats and dots are a perfect combination!

dash dot dotty

Mustika Hayati said...

that cupcakes looking yummy !