Sunday, July 31, 2011

This is a Good Feeling

Oufit Details:
Double Scoop Tee-Forever 21
Earrings-Charlotte Russe

Two things:

1. I got the job at Icing! I'm so excited, it's kind of ridulous. I almost applied for another job because I was so nervous, and I assumed I should start the job hunt again. But then, Amy Beth called. Amy Beth and I will be good friends, I can just tell. Wonderful. Anyway, I got the call, and I was mighty mighty excited when they offered me the job! I thought finding a job would be so much harder than this, but I guess I can credit my success in this endeavor to two people. My Papa, and my darling friend Brittni. First, my father has ALWAYS been a phenomenal example of what I should be in terms of a top-notch employee. I trust his judgement on how to behave during an interview, and how to just be the employee that they want me to be. Also, Brittni, the girl down the hall from me, gave me some really helpful tips and confidence boosts when I was freaking out before my interview. Wonderful girl she is :)

So that's that. I'm mighty excited :)

2. I like someone. I don't think he quite knows yet, but I hope he figures it out soon. I won't see him very often in a matter of a few weeks, so I'm really hoping he'll get a clue and realize that maybe making a move is okay, even if things won't last because we won't see each other. I think taking a chance, in the instance of possibly losing someone, is a noble decision. Brave, and scary, but who knows what it could lead to? I trust him with anything, and I can tell that he supports me in all my endeavors, and I love his spiritual side. But this is pretty much the first I've admitted of this little crush, and I guess I'm not necessarily expecting anything to happen, but I suppose crazier things have happened....

I hope he doesn't read my blog hahaha.

Probably not :)

Anyways, have a wonderful day, have a lovely life, enjoy your beginning of the week, because our monday is a day that some people don't have. I'm sure they'd relish the monday stress that we hold in such disdain.

Love, Sarai

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