Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whoever Said BYU Wasn't a Party School....

Details: shirt-Hannah? Dress-Gifted from Michaela, Shoes-thrifted, Belt-Borrowed, earrings-gifted?

Folks, college life is the bee's knees. I don't really understand how I thought I was having fun before I got here. Granted, hanging out with Nancy,and Celeste, and my family was always pretty fun. But in general, I'm pretty sure I got out six out of seven nights of the week. It's pretty bangin' actually :) No, there is no breaking of the honor code. But is it still fun? Yes, being stone cold sober is fantastic! I love knowing exactly what I'm doing, and I don't envy the people that don't one bit! Oh, and the lovely lady above is my hallmate Kendall!

Example: This above photo was taken at Sonic, at around ten? Anyways, the fat shirtless guy with the thumbs in the back? He's not a random photo bomber. We actually took that picture for the sole reason of getting him in the photo. And I think he thought he was photobombing our picture. But in reality, we planned for him to be in the background. Bask in our genius. Maybe he'll be my boyfriend?

And this is my darling besty, Brittni. She's from Georgia :) So she's a Georgia peach, and we all love her for it! How on earth would I survive without this girl?!?! I don't know...she's a wonderful addition to my life thank you very much! We went out for snowcones, and shared one...it's kinda like dating, without the kissing of course ;)

And this is me taking webcam pictures, because I like to stall doing my homework so that I can feel pretty. And also, I was writing a song, so I kinda needed a break...and this is what I got haha.

On to the song....here's the deal: I haven't written a song in five years. I used to attempt, but they all felt to contrived. And in that vein, I couldn't bear to continue trying. And yes, I am a dramatic person. Moving on. So I had a run-in with a cute guy, and things ended badly. It lasted all of a week. So I felt pathetic, but definitely not moved on whatsoever....so I wrote a song. No, this isn't a Taylor Swift breakup. It's more like, my private feelings for the world to see. Which is intimidating, at best, but I did it anyway. I needed the closure of actually acknowledging my feelings. And also we're trying to be friends, so I'm not looking at exploiting the poor guy. Especially since it wasn't exactly all his fault. So yes...that's the story. And I'm thinking of not-so-subtly naming it "california"....no he's not from california. He's from kentucky {lie}. Duh. Why would I name a song after the state a guy is from...that makes no sense at all

And here's the song:

Thanks for your time Mr and Mrs Anonymous!

I leave you with this picture in honor of Harry Potter. Bask in my hotness.....


Látika said...

I like your post!!!
very beautiful all of you! specially I like the girl's hair of the first pic :)

Lots of kissess!!!!!!!!!!
you are invited to my blog

dear winsome said...

I adore your song, you're awesome and so pretty..with the most perfect eyebrows ever! Looks like you're having soo much fun!


brennan_jeffrey said...

Your blog is so fun!
I hope I can be as involved in mine when I leave for school:)
Your words on music and songwriting inspired me, in very strange timing too.
Anyway, keep it up, have fun, peace

ladybugs and lace said...