Friday, August 19, 2011

The Best Girls in the Whole World

Outfit Details:
White tee-Pink VS
Maxi-borrowed from Celeste
Shoes-some outlet mall in Jersey
Purse-Mom's closet
Ring-gifted (from nancy's chile trip!)
lipstick-Revlon Orange Flip

My sister's are the best. I know that many of you out there will argue that, and I understand. But for reals. My sisters are the craziest chillen on this side of the Mississippi, it's ridiculous. They coerced me (it wasn't that difficult) into going to see the Glee 3D concert Movie with them....
and you know what?
it was surprisingly awesome. It wasn't just them singing, there were interviews with fans, one of which was the cutest little boy I've ever seen in my life! He was so precious :)

Anyway, being home and hanging out with my sisters has made me realize how much I miss them when I go to school. We honestly haven't fought a bit since I've been home. That's insane for us. We seriously fight every ten minutes normally. Maybe being away for two months has changed that? Who knows....

Love, Sarai

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