Thursday, August 18, 2011

Drinkin My Smart Water

This is me....

Drinking Smart Water in the Daily Universe!
I completely forgot to blog about this, which is ridiculous! Anyway, I was in the Cougar Eat, with my guy friends, when this lady with a camera walks up and asks if she can take a picture of me drinking my smart water for the daily universe. Holycowyes! I'm pretty sure I remained calm on the surface...but let's be real here: kind of exciting
BYU won the Stone Cold Sober award for the 14th year in a row, and I was chosen to grace the article with my loveliness ;)

You can read ALL about it here.

Enjoy :)

Love, Sarai


Sarah said...

Just read the article--that's pretty awesome that you're included. (: You drink the heck outta that water!

Látika said...

OMG! you were chosen for that article, I can imaging it, It should be very funy :). The pic is so nicee :)

Lots of kisses!!
*Naiara Cruz*