Friday, August 5, 2011

The Gem of the Pacific

The Gang in beautiful Valpo!
left to right: Sebastian, Michelle, Nico, Hailey, and me!
Valparaiso is the most beautiful city i've ever been to. No lies. The other day we had a meeting with an expatriot, poet who now works to preserve Valpo. and he used the perfect term to describe the feeling here, 'Slow City'. He likened the term to the concept of 'Slow Food' but i'm sure you all catch my drift without me going into the long explanation.
A little side note, i loved how Todd (poet man) talked. His vocabulary was amazing and his rythm made everything he said, even when it was solely informational, sound like a poem. I was so romanticized the whole night. ;) Plus, this was right after we visited 'La Sebastiana', one of Pablo Neruda's homes.

Hailey and I looking stupid at the protest... there's better pictures but i'm having difficulties with technology right now.
Yesterday, we 'observed' the student protests going on here in Chile for better education. (the protests have become a lot more tense since we've been here). It was a little unreal to be right in the midst of something like that. You only ever hear and study big movements like this but never actually get to experience it. We didn't go all the way with the protestors to congress because it always gets really crazy once they get there (tear gas and such). Later in the day though when we were driving up to La Sebastiana, the breeze had carried the tear gas up the hill, and hit us kinda hard. That stuff is not fun but it could've been worse. It made me glad we hadn't gone all the way to congress like some of us more wreckless ones wanted to.
Today was a little slower of a day. We visited Santa Maria University and a government daycare so I was content playing with the little babies :) And the five of us had a little cuddle session in the lobby of the north american cultural institute... we all love eachother a lot :)

Michelle and little Maria at the daycare
My host father is german, so its like a little piece of home since i'm so comfortable with german since my sister speaks it and i took german for four years. He's really sweet too and got me slippers yesterday. He always makes sure that he comes in and asks me about my day and sees if i'm comfortable in this cold. It's quite nice to have some familiarity since i'm in a hosue full of boys which i'm not used to at all! And the language barrier... I try but sometimes it just doesn't work. haha 
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