Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello From Santiago!

At San Cristobal with Hailey on her Birthday

Taken from the top of Santa Lucia (where Santiago was founded). The Andes are gorgeous!

Just like the guy in Portland :)

Outfit Details:
Pants: F21
Top: Dress Barn (yes, i went there. hah)
Coat: Delias
Boots: Delias, i think
Hat: sister's

Today is our last day in Santiago and tomorrow we leave for Valparaiso, a port city just west of Santiago. The group going to Concepcion already left today so tonight i'm with my host family all alone. Another girl in our group was in the same house as me so we shared a room and had lots of giggles. haha.
We've done and seen so many amazing things, I can't wait to share more! The trip to DC was incredible too! You'll probably be hearing about this for the next three months... Today we're going to a little village and doing some work with the children there. I couldn't contain myself yesterday when I found out! We've all been wanting to see more of the poor part of Chile which we've only gotten glimpses of. Plus, I miss being with kids all the time. At the top of Santa Lucia, this little baby kept smiling at waving at me and then he grabbed my arm like he wanted me to hold him. I was so sad that I couldn't :( Anyway, I took a picture of the adorable child!
I'm going to try and post more often but who knows since our schedule is always so crazy!
Have fun with your summer and warm weather while I freeze with no central heating! I have a new appreciation for fireplaces and heat.


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