Thursday, August 4, 2011

It Felt Like One of Those Coming-of-Age Ice Cream Days

Outfit Details:
Blouse-Borrowed from Sarah

Today was a day that required a great amount of ice cream. Not at all because it was a bad day, but because it was simply an ice cream day. These pictures below are from our adventure to Sub Zero to eat some delicious liquid nitrogen ice cream :) It was such a lovely girls night outing, and it definitely was only the beginning to a perfect night.

Right after we ate ice cream, we "researched bodies of water" so that we could make some crazy fun happen....And crazy fun definitely did happen :) We were all pleased with our decision, and I was happy that I finally could check something off of my bucket list ;)
It was a bonding experience to be that exposed and having so much fun. It was a classic college experience....One to certainly be remembered!

In the last few months, on my journey into college, I have grown up a lot. Not just in the sense that I'm more mature, but also because I have experienced a good many rites of passage. Those rites of passage have been each one an adventure that made me feel older, and wiser, and fantastic. I graduated, bought cute sexy underwear, experienced some things I didn't think I would, and also I bought a capelet, which has nothing to do with anything, but I just like it a lot...

This is my face when I was told that the heaviest guy in the world, the one from Mexico, apparently died. I used to watch him on TLC :(

Love, Sarai

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dear winsome said...

ice cream monster!! love that skirt, sad face for the heaviest man..