Monday, August 29, 2011

Lovely Shoes

While we were in Santiago, I found heaven. There was little feria (market thing) near Santa Lucia and I was just wandering around with Nico and Hailey. Then, we come across a stand full of HANDMADE shoes! I had a heart attack for about ten minutes until decided I didn't think I wanted to spend all that money... so we moved on and found the other piece of heaven called the amazing crepe stand! (nutella, banana, and raspberry crepes.... mmmmmmmmm). 
After the heavenly crepes I just kept thinking about the shoes. We went back and spent twenty minutes figuring out the size difference (its hard okay) and which ones would make me the happiest and it seemed that the red paisley ones in the left corner were destined to be mine :) and yes, that is alpaca fur on the inside to keep my toesies all nice and toasty.
They will forever be my darlings and I wish I had a good picture of me wearing them. When it turns winter here in the northern hemisphere you will be seeing them a lot!

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