Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Life Has Been Such a Whirlwind Since I Met You

Pearl necklace-unknown
feather earring (worn as necklace piece)-Forever 21
Gold glitter shoes-Ross

I've been back at BYU for almost a week now...and I kinda forgot how much I love it. So much has happened it's insane...

When I was back home, I

1. ate vietnamese soup for the very first time

2. refashioned that lace top above. I LOVE the way it turned out!

3. Got to spend time with my family

4. SAW NANCY. Best thing ever. We had some good times :)

And now at BYU...I have:

1. met some random but wonderful boys

2. Made new friends with the girls on my floor

3. Kept my old friends :)

4. Met a guy from Texas, who knows my cousins....small Mormon world haha

5. Saw Monte Carlo...well that was kinda fun haha

6. ate delicious food

7. Started classes...which I so far LOVE

8. went naked swimming....hehehe

9. Met up with a friend from California who let us girls invade his home for movies :)

10. Danced in the rain. I knew my rain boots were a good choice

11. Sang at the Marriott Tunnel....amazingly spiritual! In the middle of a thunderstorm I might add

12. Started my first day of work!

13. Remembered why this is my favorite place :)

Love, Sarai

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Sarai and Nancy said...

Your Vietnamese soup is called Pho :)