Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where Have You Been?!

Outfit Details:
Hat-American Eagle

My brother, Sean, is my best friend. Nancy is my best friend who isn't a sibling, but Sean and I have been best friends since he stopped punching me in the stomach and I stopped throwing underwear at his head. It's been a long time since I've seen him though. For the last two years he's been serving a mission for our church-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He served in Nevada, and I couldn't be more proud of the little jerk! He's such a wonderful person, and I've missed him more than I thought was possible. He knows how to drive me insane better than anyone else in the entire universe, but he also knows that we can get in his car (the mustang) and drive around with the windows down, singing as loudly as we possibly can, to the most obnoxious songs that we can possibly come up with. We're a crazy pair :)

I personally cannot believe that it has been two entire years since I've seen him! I was terrible at writing letters, cause I'm clearly a complete brat. Buuuutt he forgave me. I don't think he was that upset to be honest. But he did miss me. He even told me. Ha. Haha.

That's Seany-bo-bonny getting off the airplane. Whatta stud ;)

ALSO, my other best friend, Nancy herself, came home from Chile yesterday! I went to the airport with her parents to see her, and it was such a fantastic moment! She looks over, sees her parents, and starts saying, I see my parents! Then, right as I'm taking pictures, and she's walking towards her parents, she says "who's taking pictures?", then she said real loud, SARAI, and ran to give me the biggest hug I've ever experienced from her! I thought for sure she was going to knock me down, but luckily we're about the same height/weight, so she couldn't do too much damage! We spent the night talking about our lives thus far, and catching up. It has been far too long :(

But I'm so glad she's home. Even though I only get to see her one more time before I go back to school. Dang school. Gotta love it though.

Love, Sarai

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Ruby Girl said...

Your floppy hat is adorable and I love the pic of you with the hair mustache :) hehe cute! <3