Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yes, I Am That Girl

{Disclaimer: I know this guy. And I knew he was there}

Outfit Details:
SHOES-Ross :)

Last night I pulled an all-nighter with some good friends of mine. We went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love. Let me break this down for y'all. I am Emma Stone's character.
1. I proclaim my nervousness every time it occurs. Which is often
2. I talk while kissing. As in, I interrupt kissing sessions to ask random questions, and point out things that I was thinking, or whatever. Awkward
3. Everything I do is prefaced by a speech, lest someone else misunderstand
4. I definitely delude myself into thinking I should date guys that I shouldn't just because they are 'nice'. Don't worry, that's not what's going down with me and the guy I like hahaha
5. She was just super-awkward. So me. And talks a lot

A lot of these awkward things that I do have been witnessed moer than once by that guy that I like. He has seriously seen way too many of those things happen, and it was hilarious sitting next to each other at the theater, watching that movie, and I kept turning to him and saying "Oh my gosh. Is that what I sounded like last night???" to which he would reply by laughing and nodding. I knew it. It was so funny, but slightly embarrassing to hear exactly what I sound like to normal people. Normal people does not include me.

Also, this sensation has occured before. When I first watched "He's Just Not That Into You", I realized I was Gigi. The awkward one who's head over heels for every guy she meets. That's me. I'm not as bad as she is, calling every ten seconds, but I'm still a bit pathetic about love and like. I really just like people, okay?! Truth is though, in the end all I want is the grand romantic gesture, and to be the exception. I would LOVE to be someone's exception, just saying.

Oh, and things with the guy? Going well :) We're not really moving past friends at the moment, but I'm not giving up hope. At least now we both know how we feel. 

Oh, and he's a redhead. I kinda LOVE redheads

{Just a pic of my shoes and Trevor's shoes to show how cool we are}

{and a picture that I just like, of me being nervous. That's why I'm sitting down. I got all jumbled}

Love, Sarai {or gigi, or hannah}

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