Monday, August 22, 2011

Yes, i'm alive and finally HOME

Hello all! I'm finally home! Technically i've been in the states for a week now but I haven't really been at my house. Our flight from Santiago was cancelled so we had an extra day to hang out in our awesome hotel and go crazy! Good times... Anyway, we arrived in DC last Monday morning, hurried and took a shower, worked on our presentation, had a workshop, gave our presentation (ours was the best I would say), and then partied it up all night since Hailey and I did NOT want to be in our nasty hotel room... and then left the next morning for good old Washington state. By the way, it should not take 11 hours to fly from DC to portland... stupid layovers. We were pretty out of it when we got home (don't ever go four days with only 8 hours of sleep) but Sarai surprised the heck out of me by being at the airport. We had planned on it but I had forgot and didn't really think it would happen. So loopy me was walking up to where our parents were and I started freaking out and saying "i see my parents! i see my parents! wait, who's that taking pictures? SARAI!!!!!" (run and tackle) 
I'm happy to be home but a big part of me wishes I could be back in Chile with the gang. It's hard to be alone without ten people to cuddle... It was an amazing experience though that i will never forget and i'm so grateful i got to go!

last meal in valparaiso :(
family huddle!

we named them parker and luis :)

If this is us cuddling while standing, just imagine when there's a couch.

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