Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Into the Storm

 In a book that I read a while ago this artist asked "when you look at this what do you see? [all you saw was the Babe with his back to the camera] His face." When I see this photo, I see her face. Not as being afraid of the storm but determined to get through it. It's a simple trick of the artist to make you feel without actually having to see what they want you to see. 
I love this photo because I feel like i've just been in this crazy whirlwind this past month but i'm getting through it. I just keep moving forward. 
I guess i'll just let you guys in on the secret. Crazy things happened so Portland State University didn't happen. Now BYU-Idaho is happening. But not until January so moving to Seattle for a bit in the next few weeks might happen. Bascially I graduated high school, went to Chile and had this awesome experience and then my whole life changed. But, it's all for the better :)

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