Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's Just Talk All Through the Night

Dress-Old Navy

We hiked the Y this Tuesday night....which was extremely uphill by the way. And kind of awful, but in a fun way? I don't know how to explain. I was dying, out of breath, sweaty, disgusting, and meanwhile my two GORGEOUS blonde friends were trekking up that mountain like there was no tomorrow. Ridiculous I tell you. But strangely enough, I'm insanely happy that I went. It was me, Kendall, Kelly, and my new friend Dane, who brought his two friends Tanner and Aaron. The view was amazing, and there was lightning in the distance, which is probably unsafe, but we were certainly enjoying it. Amazing.

This is the Y by the way. At least from our view on the top of it :)

And that little bitty building is the Provo Temple!

Oh and this is our friend, the tarantula. Not gonna lie, he was the least scary part of the trip. We also just so happened to see a brown recluse on the Y, which was embarrassing, because I definitely screaming, and acting like a fool. Luckily Aaron killed it for us. It took four tries to finally kill it.....

Anyway. I have been listening to the song Teenage Dream, Boyce Avenue's cover of Katy Perry's song, nonstop. I can't stop listening to it! He changed the lyrics slightly, and it sounds so heartfelt and beautiful. I love this version! Also maybe I'm so in love with the song because I kind of am in a situation that is causing me to be very giddy, and ridiculous. It's amazing what can happen in the matter of a week :)

Love, Sarai


Kendall Michelle Barrett said...

Sarai!! I love Boyce Avenue!! that is such a good cover! I haven't hear that one! you are so cute! hope you are having a great time at BYU! look forward to seeing all of your cute posts!

Merilee! said...

OMG I LOVE HOW HE CHANGED THE LYRICS!!! Because I think this song is kind of nasty but its really catchy. And this is really sweet. Okay this makes me not hate men for a little while. :)