Monday, October 31, 2011

I Need a Sewing Machine

Photos courtesy of Carson

I had Mint hot chocolate today, and it made me think of Nancy. She's kind of awesome, in case you guys haven't figured that out yet. She's the best friend that everyone WISHES they had. But only I do. So there.

Mint hot chocolate is a classic for us. I went to the sugar and spice place to ask for one, but once again, the machine was broken. This doesn't help me very much mister sugar and spice guy. You mock my pleas, but it's an addiction! And sending me to the little shop right behind yours isn't very nice either. I have to get it myself over there, and it took a year and a half because it kept breaking. So step up your game Sugar and Spice guy. Fix your machine! I want my hot chocolate....
It was a little too warm for it to be honest. But it's so good, so deliciously satisfying, that nothing could deter me from the yum.

It was heavenly

As for today's title. I realized yesterday how much I need a sewing machine. That scrumptious black pleated skirt? I fell into a bush and the button popped off. Not that I can use a machine to sew that back on, but putting the button back in place reminded me how much I love to sew, and to create. I need to start doing that again....

Love, Sarai

PS: boyfriend got home yesterday, and I was obnoxiously happy. So was our friend Elena, but I maintain I was the happiest to see him. I made him kiss me in front of everyone ;)

PPS: Thanks a million for the extra brill pics today :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Come Home

Photos courtesy of Carson

Shoes-Steve Madden

Once again, the boy in these photos is NOT boyfriend. This is Christian. My darling friend. Haha.
I just happened to glimpse him passing by and I decided he needed to be in my pictures. So we included the poor boy...
We had a little too much fun with this shoot :)

Boyfriend went home for the weekend. And I miss him. He's coming home tonight, but seriously, I usually get to see him every day. So I've been a bit down. Also, I was convinced that his plane crashed, because he never texted or called after he landed. Turns out, his phone is refusing to text me...and I'm sure it's his phone's fault, because it won't text our friend Elena either. Stupid phone had me beyond worried, seeing as I'm naturally anxious to begin with. Poor kid probably got so confused when I sent him an angry text about how he has no excuse not to at least TEXT me the second his plane lands. But it's all good now :)

So there ya go. I miss the boy. I'm not big on gushing, but he's turned out to be a really wonderful boyfriend. I'm into him, it's a fact.

Love, Sarai

PS: Embrace the Camera ;)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Room 1408

Photos courtesy of Carson


Introducing my darling friend Zach! I bet you thought he was my boyfriend... HA! jokes on you. he's not. Boyfriend wears basketball shorts almost every day. He does NOT dress like Zach, who dresses real classy. Boyfriend can look wonderful when he wears his sperrys, but generally, he doesn't.
Moving on.
Zach is wonderful. You can't see it in the pictures that well, but he dresses nicer than most of the guys that I know. It's delightful :)
He is wearing a fantastic coat in these pictures, and I just dig it :)
So thanks for letting Carson take your pictures Zach!

Last night was the ward Halloween Party. So insanely fun. I'm not big on bowling, but my adorable roommate is. She was in a league my friends. A league. And I bowl gutters every time.
Also, everyone looked so cute!
And I just so happened to be a finalist in the costume contest. Wowza... That's never happened before :)

My friends are awesome.

Also, after the halloween party my friends and I went to Kendall's brothers apartment, and had a dance party that literally lasted ten minutes... um ok guys?
So we left the other lame-o people at his apartment and went over to watch 1408 with John Cusack. He is an amazing actor. But that movie was a bit painful, to be completely honest. I was sitting in slight fear for the first half hour of the movie...
but once the second half of the movie rolled around, it lost it's scary factor. Lame.

Love, Sarai

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hilarious Family

Left to right: Shelly, John, Grandpa Roche, Grandma Zelda, Sheila, Velada, and  mother dear
So. This is my mom's family. They're a crazy bunch and all of the sister's have a hard time controlling themselves during their infamous laughing fits. Their poor dad and brother... And today while browsing pinterest I found this-
It's the perfect description of them whenever they get together. :) And of course I couldn't help but posting it on facebook and I don't think Sheila quite knew how to handle it... hahaha. But we all know she would do the same to me. hah.
I love family.

Sexy Boots

Photos courtesy of Carson

Details: Cardigan-H&M, Tee-VS, Leggings-Forever 21, Boots-Icing, Bag-Icing

These are my sexy boots. I love boots anyway, but when I saw them at my store, I just knew I had to buy them immediately. So I did. Glorious moment people, GLORIOUS.

Also, today was lovely. It was windy, and slightly cold (cold enough that my hands kept straying inside my shirt...awk), and the leaves are just to die for. I miss home sometimes, but now that it's this amazing outside, well, I kinda like Utah more than I did before. I love BYU, don't get me wrong. But Vancouver is just the place I grew up, and the weather is perfection every day to me. The rain is so wonderful. I don't understand people who hate the rain, I truly don't get it. I want it to rain here, but fat chance of that. I thought maybe Utah would rain a lot. That was before I understood that it kinda borders the desert. So yeah. The little rain we got this summer was apparently a lot....

Oh, this is my adorable roommate, Diane:

And my top-notch photographer, Carson:

And my friend Cupcake:

Love, Sarai

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Photos (excluding the last one) courtesy of Carson

Details: Sweater-borrowed Skirt-thrifted Shoes-Steve Madden knock-offs

I love fall. Autumn. The season of leaves and changing colors my dears! Does it get any better than this? I don't think it does....
I'm diggin the yellow and red leaves, and the crisp night air. It feels so good to inhale cold air. I swear it tastes different. Boyfriend says no way can cold and warm air smell or taste different. I beg to differ! In Washington, and now I guess Utah, I've noticed that it just somehow IS different. I love it so much though. I've been hating on the warmer weather that still plagues Utah, but luckily it's finally starting to cool down. It's not quite good enough yet...maybe five degrees cooler would be kind of awesome?

Butt suffice to say, I dig the weather, I dig the colors, I dig the leaves. Are you jealous? ;)

Love, Sarai