Sunday, October 30, 2011

Come Home

Photos courtesy of Carson

Shoes-Steve Madden

Once again, the boy in these photos is NOT boyfriend. This is Christian. My darling friend. Haha.
I just happened to glimpse him passing by and I decided he needed to be in my pictures. So we included the poor boy...
We had a little too much fun with this shoot :)

Boyfriend went home for the weekend. And I miss him. He's coming home tonight, but seriously, I usually get to see him every day. So I've been a bit down. Also, I was convinced that his plane crashed, because he never texted or called after he landed. Turns out, his phone is refusing to text me...and I'm sure it's his phone's fault, because it won't text our friend Elena either. Stupid phone had me beyond worried, seeing as I'm naturally anxious to begin with. Poor kid probably got so confused when I sent him an angry text about how he has no excuse not to at least TEXT me the second his plane lands. But it's all good now :)

So there ya go. I miss the boy. I'm not big on gushing, but he's turned out to be a really wonderful boyfriend. I'm into him, it's a fact.

Love, Sarai

PS: Embrace the Camera ;)

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