Monday, October 31, 2011

I Need a Sewing Machine

Photos courtesy of Carson

I had Mint hot chocolate today, and it made me think of Nancy. She's kind of awesome, in case you guys haven't figured that out yet. She's the best friend that everyone WISHES they had. But only I do. So there.

Mint hot chocolate is a classic for us. I went to the sugar and spice place to ask for one, but once again, the machine was broken. This doesn't help me very much mister sugar and spice guy. You mock my pleas, but it's an addiction! And sending me to the little shop right behind yours isn't very nice either. I have to get it myself over there, and it took a year and a half because it kept breaking. So step up your game Sugar and Spice guy. Fix your machine! I want my hot chocolate....
It was a little too warm for it to be honest. But it's so good, so deliciously satisfying, that nothing could deter me from the yum.

It was heavenly

As for today's title. I realized yesterday how much I need a sewing machine. That scrumptious black pleated skirt? I fell into a bush and the button popped off. Not that I can use a machine to sew that back on, but putting the button back in place reminded me how much I love to sew, and to create. I need to start doing that again....

Love, Sarai

PS: boyfriend got home yesterday, and I was obnoxiously happy. So was our friend Elena, but I maintain I was the happiest to see him. I made him kiss me in front of everyone ;)

PPS: Thanks a million for the extra brill pics today :)


Sarah said...

Goodness gracious!
You look abnormally adorable:]
Hhehe, I think I would like to meet this suger and spice guy. Hmmm, if only I had one of those over here ;]

Thrifty {Modest} Threads said...

You are gorgeous! And I love your outfit!! :] Also, I love your poses! You just look like you're having a blast!