Thursday, October 27, 2011

Room 1408

Photos courtesy of Carson


Introducing my darling friend Zach! I bet you thought he was my boyfriend... HA! jokes on you. he's not. Boyfriend wears basketball shorts almost every day. He does NOT dress like Zach, who dresses real classy. Boyfriend can look wonderful when he wears his sperrys, but generally, he doesn't.
Moving on.
Zach is wonderful. You can't see it in the pictures that well, but he dresses nicer than most of the guys that I know. It's delightful :)
He is wearing a fantastic coat in these pictures, and I just dig it :)
So thanks for letting Carson take your pictures Zach!

Last night was the ward Halloween Party. So insanely fun. I'm not big on bowling, but my adorable roommate is. She was in a league my friends. A league. And I bowl gutters every time.
Also, everyone looked so cute!
And I just so happened to be a finalist in the costume contest. Wowza... That's never happened before :)

My friends are awesome.

Also, after the halloween party my friends and I went to Kendall's brothers apartment, and had a dance party that literally lasted ten minutes... um ok guys?
So we left the other lame-o people at his apartment and went over to watch 1408 with John Cusack. He is an amazing actor. But that movie was a bit painful, to be completely honest. I was sitting in slight fear for the first half hour of the movie...
but once the second half of the movie rolled around, it lost it's scary factor. Lame.

Love, Sarai

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