Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sexy Boots

Photos courtesy of Carson

Details: Cardigan-H&M, Tee-VS, Leggings-Forever 21, Boots-Icing, Bag-Icing

These are my sexy boots. I love boots anyway, but when I saw them at my store, I just knew I had to buy them immediately. So I did. Glorious moment people, GLORIOUS.

Also, today was lovely. It was windy, and slightly cold (cold enough that my hands kept straying inside my shirt...awk), and the leaves are just to die for. I miss home sometimes, but now that it's this amazing outside, well, I kinda like Utah more than I did before. I love BYU, don't get me wrong. But Vancouver is just the place I grew up, and the weather is perfection every day to me. The rain is so wonderful. I don't understand people who hate the rain, I truly don't get it. I want it to rain here, but fat chance of that. I thought maybe Utah would rain a lot. That was before I understood that it kinda borders the desert. So yeah. The little rain we got this summer was apparently a lot....

Oh, this is my adorable roommate, Diane:

And my top-notch photographer, Carson:

And my friend Cupcake:

Love, Sarai

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