Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sort of Outfit Post

Sorry for the retarded picture... I had some issues
Outfit Details:
earrings: CHILE! 
sweater: F21
black skinnies: F21
awesome alpaca lined shoes: CHILE!

I know. I have some issues taking real pictures of my outfits. My camera has problems standing up on its own and my mother always looks at me like a freak if i ask her to take pictures so i just avoid that situation... BUT! I couldn't pass up my awesome Chile shoe love. They're lined with alpaca fur. Yep. That's right. Alpaca fur. So they make for the warmest and comfiest cute shoes in the world. Plus who else in the world has them? NO ONE!  Cause they're a one of a kind hand made shoe from Chile. I know i've talked about these shoes before but i still can't get over how amazing they are. Plus, it's finally cold enough for me to wear them.
So this post is kind of all over the place because pretty much all of my friends are gone so I have all of these thoughts and no one to share them with until January. Anyway, right now all I can think about is cute little puppy Siberian Huskies. I. want. one. bad. It's been a thing of mine for a while now but sometimes I feel the need stronger than at other times. I think I love them so much because they're the closest I will get to owning a wolf. Sarai and I looove wolves like no one's business and we can't be as cool as my dad that actually owned a dog that was part wolf. And, what's cooler than a sled dog?

I love when they're puppies and have black coloring around their eyes cause they look like little devils except with blue eyes! So precious... I'm dying inside right now. haha 

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