Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Insert Accent Here

Photos courtesy of Kelly Williams

shirt-Forever 21
Nail polish-Gold Dust by Icing

Two things:
1. I watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, hence the middle part
and 2. I met a hot Lebanese man today

My friends and I decided to watch the VS Show yesterday, and it was a glorious thing. They block the website at BYU, so we can never see VS stuff, and how better to remedy that than by watching the fashion show?
It was amazing. Seriously. They had this one ensemble that had twirling parasols instead of wings.
And Miranda Kerr wore the diamond encrusted bra. Ten months. TEN MONTHS after having a baby she's walking the VS runway again.

Also, my favorite moment:

Pinned Image

And if that wasn't your favorite part, you have a heart of stone. Or you're a guy

Anyway, after the show, all of us ladies decided we wanted to be Victoria's Secret Angels. We practiced our foreign accents, pledged to work out every day and never eat anything again, and we also practiced walking. Oh, don't forget our middle parts. All Angels have middle parts, duh.

So that was probably one of the best things I've witnessed in a long time.

And for the second part of my post, I met a lebanese man in an elevator. We were both going to the fourth floor, and he was just adorable, and charming.
That's all.

Love, Sarai

For your entertainment

I bought a really cool eraser :{)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Childhood Sweethearts (sort of...)

This is them, on the eve of their wedding. Exciting? Do you like the mess from making chocolates? 
 Actually Whit was frustrated because her computer wasn't burning the wedding CD
 And Devon was actually talking about how excited he was to be married and when he realized how he was madly in love with Whitney while opening wedding cards to find some mullah for the honeymoon. So precious :)

 Buzzin' cousins for life man! Just because one of us is married doesn't change a thing. Now Devon just gets to join the club! (i'm pretty positive he actually doesn't want to be apart of our club... he's probably quite disturbed by it)
 And here's their hilarious friend. Andrew. Out. Of. Control. 
I wish I had more pictures but I was a little busy dancing and what not. All I can say is that i'm so happy they're finally married, it's been a long time coming, ever since they were about 14! And i'm happy that Devon is now an official part of the family. And i'm stuck with his teasing for eternity now. Sweet. 

Friday, November 25, 2011


I have no pictures. Sorry. I left my laptop at home and I haven't taken any pictures except for tonight of my cousin and her fiance to capture their last moments together before they're a married couple tomorrow :) Actually I was just bored/super happy and Whit was on the computer and Devon was opening cards. 

Thanksgiving was wonderful and so nice as the "rehearsal dinner" so our family didn't have to do anything. Whaat? It was a different experience though not having the smell of thanksgiving dinner in the house and everyone rushing around eachother in the kitchen that's too small for 6 people to try and be cooking in there all at once but we make it work somehow. 

Well tomorrow is the big day and I probably should sleep cause i'm directing the traffic tomorrow and doing all of the last minute preparations while they're up in Canada at the temple for the actual ceremony. (I was dumb and forgot my passport at home. But this way there's a lot less of running around after we get back from the temple).

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Official Pie Maker

Happy Thanksgiving to all you hopefully grateful people!

What I'm thankful for:
My Bio Professor... I spent thanksgiving dinner at her house :)
Alex-Such a good friend, she's been watching movies with me the last two nights
My family-even though they didn't bring me home... *sigh*
Homecooked meals. I forgot how good they truly are
An RA who gives us leftovers that we certainly appreciated
Whoever left unattended mozzarella in the fridge downstairs... sorry....
Movies. They've kept me mighty entertained
My Mama teaching me how to make an apple pie at a young age, because I was head chef tonight
The Creamery on ninth, for being so much better than the Helaman one
Cute redheads. Can't get enough of them
Blogging. It gives me something to do when there's no one to hang out with
Pyrex-I just love it
Blankets...I swear they turned the heat down in here

Today I baked an apple pie, with a cinnamon roll crust. Never done it, but it was mighty fun.

So go watch Pocahontas and enjoy your food comas.

Love, Sarai

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Family that is Modern

Photos Courtesy of Rachel

Bow Headband-Icing
Leggings-Forever 21

I've been on an unofficial break for the last two days... so although I have technically been getting dressed, and I have been making a legitimate effort to look cute, I haven't been very good at outfit pictures. These are from a week ago.... so yeah.

Also, I have been watching Modern Family from the first episode since two days ago. And I love it. With all my heart. So entertaining hahaha. I can't believe I never watched it before this.

Love, Sarai

PS: This was adorable


My sister Melissa. The most intense person ever.
I miss being with my big sis. I miss not being able to sleep unless we're in the same bed, her playing with my hair, dance parties, silly late night talks, just being plain old awkward, and so much more! Too bad she had to grow up and miss Thanksgiving to be a smarty pants. I'll only see her at the wedding this weekend :(

I miss the three of us being together ALL the time. I miss Sarai just walking into my house unannounced, sarai and celeste eating anything they felt like because we all know there's no need to ask, crazy laughing fits, scaring celeste ;), and being obsessed about anything we felt like at the moment. Sarai needs to come home because right now it's just Celeste and I and it's not the same. But alas, we have to wait a whole month for her!
Lastly, i'm missing Sterl. I miss being around a giant all the time, random adventures to target, him scheming ways to get me to accidentally drink coffee(not cool!), going to ethnic places to eat, and just the plain ridiculousness that is hanging out with Sterling. Now he's got me listening to random Nigerian rappers. Whaatt??  
Anyway, I'm grateful for all of them in my life and eventhough we have all grown up sort of, there's no way we'll ever not be friends.
p.s. I promise that sometime this week there will be an outfit post!

Monday, November 21, 2011

What I Want

Photos courtesy of Kelly

Glasses-Forever 21
Floral Tee-borrowed from Linda
High-Waisted Skinnies-Forever 21

I am obsessed with these skinny jeans. Do you remember when we were in elementary and middle school, and to wear high waisted jeans was literally the most loserish thing you could possibly be?? Well when I was stalking Elaine's blog, like usual, I saw this post, and realized that high-waisted skinny jeans might just be my newest wishlist item. And then I went and bought them. Cause they're perfect. And you might be saying, well you didn't copy Elaine all the way, so it's okay. But really, if I had had a pair of high-heeled clogs, I would've worn them to look just like her. Is that weird? Cause I love that outfit, and her blog is fabulous.
The end.

Anyway, things that I want right now include:
1. Another Jamba Juice. Orange Dream Machine, yum!
2. Boyfriend to come home :(
3. Also, I bought him a flannel shirt for his birthday, and now I wish I could steal it from him to wear myself. I love oversized flannels for lounging around.
4. to watch Singing in the Rain. Which I will after this post
5. A grilled cheese
6. A sparkly sweater. With stripes
7. Clogs. Like Elaine's
8. Sexy short hair. But also, not...
9. To read Anna Karenina.... but I might be too tired to crack open a book tonight
10. A flat stomach. But we all know that's not gonna happen...

Love, Sarai

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ruche Love

As most of you probably know, Ruche is heaven on earth. I only have two things from there but they are my favorite pieces in my closet. And as you probably also know, their lookbooks makes their already drool worthy clothing, heart attack inducing. So here's a cute lookbook video :)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nineteen Today

In case you can't read all of this:

1.Boyfriend's smile is so cute. Every time he smiles, which isn't as often as some people, I can't help but smile too

2. He can sing. Enough said

3. Oh wait, he also plays guitar....

4. He plays basketball. I don't know enough about it to understand what he's doing, but he sure looks adorable while he does it

5. Strong arms.. wonderful

6. My friend pointed out that he has a good chin, and I hadn't noticed that. But he really does.

7. This kid is so smart he got a 35 on the ACT. Blows my score out of the water thankyouverymuch

8. His sense of humor isn't for everyone, but I've learned to appreciate it

9. He has gorgeous blue eyes

10. You should hear him talk about his dog. And apparently, I need to hear him talk to his dog, cause apparently it's pretty adorable.

11. He listens to good music. Sometimes he plays it too often, but it's still better than most guys I've liked

12. We met at tunnel singing

13. He's tall. And I'm little. I like the height difference :)

14. Those strong arms and his height make for really nice hugs

15. I wasn't sure how he'd react to my overactive tear ducts. But he handles it really well

16. Kissing. Lovely.

17. His stomach and sides are mighty ticklish, which I appreciate, cause it causes him to smile a lot

18. To the rest of the world, he's not necessarily sweet. But to me he can be. And he's extremely honest. Which I appreciate also, because I like honest people

19. He likes me. It's a miracle people

So happy birthday to my awesome boyfriend Dane. He's wonderful, and I'm ridiculously happy that I went to meet another guy at tunnel singing, because if I hadn't been boy crazy, I wouldn't have met the boy that I'm crazy about.

Love, Sarai

PS: I just enjoy this song. Also Dane likes David Bowie

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Long Time No See

Sometimes I get bored during the awkward down times of my day. So madness happens and you get these lovely pictures instead of real outfit posts. 
Anyway, it's finally good northwest weather. Cold and wet. It's heaven :) except I wasn't prepared for being super cold so I was freezing my butt off picking up the kiddos today. Well, have a fabulous day and maybe tomorrow i'll have some real pictures?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Photos courtesy of Carson


Sorry for the photo overload....
Carson and I just got excited by my hat and shoes which make me feel like an elf, and also by the random props lying around. There was a golf cart full of used flourescent lightbulbs.. so we went to town. It was a most enjoyable photoshoot.

Boyfriend has still been amazing. But he leaves on saturday to go home for Thanksgiving break. And he won't get back until the next Sunday. Last time he left for only three days, and I still didn't like it very much. This time it's for eight days. And when he went home last time, for some reason we couldn't text each other at all. Well, he recieved all my frantic texts, but I got none of his. Not okay.

But, in other news, his 19th birthday is on Thursday! He changed his mind from wanting a Taco Bell gift card, and now he wants a flannel shirt. Thank goodness. Haha.

Love, Sarai

PS: I still love this song :)