Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Black Swan

Last night was the first time in a while that i've actually done anything with people my own age... which I know is quite pathetic but I spend my days with a mother of four who had foot surgery and needs help with typical mother duties or i go with my mom's best friend running. Cool right? Don't get me wrong, i'm learning a lot from these wonderful ladies but sometimes I need people close to my age. So last night was perfect! 
Becca (the dead cheerleader) gave me the idea of being the BLACK SWAN for halloween which was awesome! I mainly just wanted to do the crazy make up and dance around in a tutu :) And you can't really tell but Celeste is suppose to be a bumblebee.... haha I think she was a little scared of us by the time we got done with the makeup. 
We hooked up the fog machine, scared a few kids with our costumes, went to a haunted house, watched Insidious (best "scary" movie i've seen but I wanted to kill the ending! P.O.ed), and then I watched Toy Story so I could fall asleep.
I wish I could always wear make up like I was the black swan. Darn social norms! I guess it will just be reserved for Halloween.

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