Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Tee-Forever 21

It was cold today. I'll give these BYU folk that much. Was it cold enough to justify a coat AND gloves AND a scarf AND a hat? No. Absolutely not. It was low 40's my friends. Once it starts snowing, then we'll talk about bundling up our bums and wearing cold weather gear. But I'm sorry, whent the sun is STILL shining, there is no reason to wear all that junk. I love myself a good coat, but it always covers my outfit, which is the opposite of what I want in my life. I went to my classes, and I took pictures, and I got food, without a coat. It shocks me when people think it's too cold to skip the coat. Maybe it's being from Washington? Granted, it only rains, hardly ever snows in good ol Vancouver, but perhaps the cold/rainy/windy locale has readied me for the Utah winters? I hope so. This lady don't wanna be freezing off her patooty or her lady lumps. Buuuut for the time being, it's not even close to cold enough for a coat. Boom.

Love, Sarai

PS: Once upon a time, I got dirt in my eye, and I got a stye. Now I might have another one. Which is stupid, and makes me very very angry.
The end.


erica marie said...

I love your pink tights, they look so cute with the polka dot skirt!

xo erica

Cathy said...

Love the skirt and the pink tights. So chic and adorable, eh. lovely!

Cathy@embroidery digitizing service