Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Childhood Sweethearts (sort of...)

This is them, on the eve of their wedding. Exciting? Do you like the mess from making chocolates? 
 Actually Whit was frustrated because her computer wasn't burning the wedding CD
 And Devon was actually talking about how excited he was to be married and when he realized how he was madly in love with Whitney while opening wedding cards to find some mullah for the honeymoon. So precious :)

 Buzzin' cousins for life man! Just because one of us is married doesn't change a thing. Now Devon just gets to join the club! (i'm pretty positive he actually doesn't want to be apart of our club... he's probably quite disturbed by it)
 And here's their hilarious friend. Andrew. Out. Of. Control. 
I wish I had more pictures but I was a little busy dancing and what not. All I can say is that i'm so happy they're finally married, it's been a long time coming, ever since they were about 14! And i'm happy that Devon is now an official part of the family. And i'm stuck with his teasing for eternity now. Sweet. 

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