Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dog Pooh and Art

Here's my Friday:
-9am woke up. blissful time to rise
-10am running with Dez (so happy that i'm not such a failure at running anymore!)
-11am pick up Kyle from school who came running out with a big smile on his face :) I guess he was excited because it was Friday so he could play video games when he got home and I brought my "awesome truck" to pick him up in.
-11:40 run home. eat. change. leave.
-12:20 finally find parking in p-town
-12:23 step in some dog pooh and continue to wipe my foot on the side of buildings as I keep walking down the street (there was no way I was going to let dog pooh get me down!)
-12:24 meet Britta at the art gallery she's an intern at called Breeze Block Gallery (way awesome!)
-1pm start cleaning up the gallery from the art walk the night before aka throwing all the empty beer cans away and end up getting some on myself. sick.
-1:30 facebook/vimeo/youtube/flickr/laugh forever and listen to our favorite poetry. Here's the most amazing one :)
-4pm arrive at University of Portland to take Britta back and get some hot chocolate to end our day together :) Oh! we ran into our friend Clayton who also goes there but I haven't seen him since graduation and I found out that him and a few of our other friends who all room together do zumba and teach a dancercise class. BEST. THING. EVER.
-5pm get home. eat some dinner. and leave again to babysit.
-8pm the girls finally fell asleep and the boys started reading different passages to make a funny story
-8:15 the lights are out and the boys want me to sing to them. they tell me their favorite song is 'Praise to the Man' and they sing the whole thing together by memory :) and whenever I got a little embarrassed because their mom is an amazing singer and i'm not so good Lane would give me little bits of encouragement and say "No! You're so good! You're good. I promise!"
-11pm get home. eat cereal. pass out.
Such a good day. and I can't wait to go back to hang out at the gallery next week!


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Lauren said...

i love that you guys take most of your fashion pictures on campus!

hello world.
welcome to Provo.