Thursday, November 24, 2011

Official Pie Maker

Happy Thanksgiving to all you hopefully grateful people!

What I'm thankful for:
My Bio Professor... I spent thanksgiving dinner at her house :)
Alex-Such a good friend, she's been watching movies with me the last two nights
My family-even though they didn't bring me home... *sigh*
Homecooked meals. I forgot how good they truly are
An RA who gives us leftovers that we certainly appreciated
Whoever left unattended mozzarella in the fridge downstairs... sorry....
Movies. They've kept me mighty entertained
My Mama teaching me how to make an apple pie at a young age, because I was head chef tonight
The Creamery on ninth, for being so much better than the Helaman one
Cute redheads. Can't get enough of them
Blogging. It gives me something to do when there's no one to hang out with
Pyrex-I just love it
Blankets...I swear they turned the heat down in here

Today I baked an apple pie, with a cinnamon roll crust. Never done it, but it was mighty fun.

So go watch Pocahontas and enjoy your food comas.

Love, Sarai

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