Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Relationships are like showers"

Remember my awesome photographer friend Nico from this post? Well he's done it again! While stalking him on fbook (yes, I did say fbook. it's a thing Sarai and I like to do) I saw he put his status as "relationships are like showers" which means "When a couple walks into one their hair falls off every time they wash up. The hair symbolizes the memories and experiences. These hairs get sometimes stuck on the side of the sewage pipes of the sink. These are the experiences and events that bother one another about their partner or relationship. Slowly or rapidly, hairs stick to those other hairs and sooner or later the water starts to flood. Now these clogs lead to fights. Either you unclog them and move on to you getting good hygiene without you walking in it or you just let it flood and never do anything about it. These clogs always return because our hair keeps on growing and our experiences and amount of memories keep on growing"
Quite the little creative one, right?

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