Monday, November 21, 2011

What I Want

Photos courtesy of Kelly

Glasses-Forever 21
Floral Tee-borrowed from Linda
High-Waisted Skinnies-Forever 21

I am obsessed with these skinny jeans. Do you remember when we were in elementary and middle school, and to wear high waisted jeans was literally the most loserish thing you could possibly be?? Well when I was stalking Elaine's blog, like usual, I saw this post, and realized that high-waisted skinny jeans might just be my newest wishlist item. And then I went and bought them. Cause they're perfect. And you might be saying, well you didn't copy Elaine all the way, so it's okay. But really, if I had had a pair of high-heeled clogs, I would've worn them to look just like her. Is that weird? Cause I love that outfit, and her blog is fabulous.
The end.

Anyway, things that I want right now include:
1. Another Jamba Juice. Orange Dream Machine, yum!
2. Boyfriend to come home :(
3. Also, I bought him a flannel shirt for his birthday, and now I wish I could steal it from him to wear myself. I love oversized flannels for lounging around.
4. to watch Singing in the Rain. Which I will after this post
5. A grilled cheese
6. A sparkly sweater. With stripes
7. Clogs. Like Elaine's
8. Sexy short hair. But also, not...
9. To read Anna Karenina.... but I might be too tired to crack open a book tonight
10. A flat stomach. But we all know that's not gonna happen...

Love, Sarai

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