Monday, December 5, 2011


Photos courtesy of Diana

Dress-Forever 21
Nails-So Hot Right Now/Gold Dust by Icing

Nancy posted the lovely Ruche lookbook not too long ago, and can I just say I'm obsessed? I love the romantic and vintage atmostphere, but I also love that it's not so old-fashioned that it's dated. It's all about updated romanticism. I can't handle how perfect every article of clothing that they create is. I'm in love, it's a fact. So in that vein, I watched the video numerous times, and then copied the hair that was in it :) I LOVE the way it turned out, so chances are this'll be a recurring thing in my life. And in yours my lovely readers.

So now go watch the lookbook, so you can be inspired too <3

So anyway, I'm way jealous that lil Nancy gets to be a maid of honor pretty soon. That's my dream! Well besides being an actual bride... but I'm just sayin, I'm jealous. I want someone who hangs out with my all the time to get married! Dang it. Why is no one getting married? :(

Off to take a shower, take pictures (not simultaneously), and attempt to create loveliness,



Alison said...

You know that experience where someone is so cute and fashionable that you think they should have a fashion blog, and they probably do, but your too shy to ask? Glad that I can blogstalk you now that bio is over. :)

Cai said...

Ohmygoshhh, I love your hair. How did you curl it? My hair is ridiculously long too, and I'm curling iron handicapped.