Thursday, December 8, 2011

Late Night Calls and Hair Tutorials

The past two nights Sarai and I have talked on the phone until almost 2 in the morning. Friend romance? I think yes. We haven't even been texting eachother the past one or two weeks so we have some much needed Sarai and Nancy time cravings. She needs to come home NOW! so we can watch all of our favorite movies, eat mac&cheese, drink peppermint hot chocolate, and stay up late with our endless conversations.
Here's our movie list for Christmas break:
Casablanca (of course!)
It's A Wonderful Life
The Clock 
Meet Me in St. Louis
The Philadelphia Story
On the Waterfront
p.s. i'm off to stay with my children for the weekend! hopefully I don't go insane.... but i love them still.
p.p.s. Wondering how Sarai did her hair the other day?
I'm thinking I want to do the bun for Hailey's wedding :)

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