Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Presents From My Man

Dane bought me presents. For Christmas. And they're the best presents I've ever gotten from a boy. Granted, they're pretty much the only presents a boy has gotten me that were even remotely romantic. But still. I love them. And him. Hehe. The adorable cardigan was one that I had been lusting after from Bohme, and I was delighted when I opened my bag to find it :)
And then he bought me cupcake pans because I didn't have any. Which has made the baker in my heart really sad. Perfection :) And of course, he bought socks for me too, because I'm obsessed with socks. And the cinnamon Santas were a sweet little touch because Dane's Momma loves them. And he thought I might enjoy them too.
Which I did.

Dane has been home since Friday, and I'm still in Utah, and I miss him so much. Skype just isn't the same as being together. We get more annoyed with each other when we're not just talking to each other's faces haha. I miss cuddling with each other, and I miss hugging him, and I especially miss the kissing, and all the little goofy silly things we said to each other. Dane Fred got his wisdom teeth taken out on Monday, and the doctor gave him mint chapstick. He texted me specifically to tell me that it tasted like kissing me. Hehe. And then he also told me via skype that one of the reasons he likes me is that he can be himself around me, and also he likes that I laugh at his dumb jokes. Which is true.

So that's that. I really have just been watching Friends and working the past few days.
And I'm so freaking excited about going home on Friday.

Love, Sarai


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