Saturday, December 31, 2011

What You've Missed

Packing to come home a week ago

Details: Dress-borrowed, tights-icing, shoes-ross, clutch-Icing, ring-Icing

Christmas day outfit. All sorts of fun that day

Yumyumyum artisan bread

Ashley's wedding shower, shirt form Bohme, skirt borrowed

I sorta caught the bouquet. No big deal.

And this is the holiday sweater photo. It's not ugly, just awesome.

I've had such an amazing past week. I love this town, and everything in it. I wish I'd had as much time as everyone else, being able to be home for weeks, not just one. I go home on Tuesday, and heck no I am not at all ready to leave. I want to stay here forever. I honestly don't want to ever leave this place, and all my family/friends. Well, I wish I could live here forever, but with all my Provo friends too. Especially Dane. I guess if everyone stayed in Provo, I'd be okay with that, as long as I actually get to see my boyfriend. I mean, I know a lot of people have it worse off, and don't get to see their significant other at all, but that doesn't mean it's not a drag.

I'll stop complaining now :P

And hopefully Nancy and I will be posting at midnight, cause tomorrow is the one year birthday of this blog! Holy Moley! It's a miracle.

 Love, Sarai

I just read this book, and you should read it too

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