Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

-all of these RMs making small talk
-introducing yourself a million times a day only for half of the people to think you either said "Macy" or "Ancy". Is it really that hard to hear the 'N'?
-the number of times I have to blow my nose in one day. Thank you Rexburg for being a freezer.
-nose bleeds while getting ready for class and then realizing some blood got on the floor that you stepped in and now it's all over the place
-being the only one in the apartment who leaves my stuff everywhere...
-the bishop coming over and i'm wearing work out clothes
-warm peach juice

-my family. come on, look at those pictures. we're awesome :)
-knocking on the wall, waiting for our neighbors to knock back so we know their home
-painting beautifully weird pictures with my roommate
-my art class. i cried today from its amazingness. enough said.
-talking to my sister and her boyfriend on the phone. you might think it strange but it was totally awesome
- finally finding the lounge in our apartment
-baking cakes and decorating them with skittles
-my english teacher writing me a note that said he could already tell i'm a really strong writer (BOOYAH!)
-getting my roommate addicted to 'Once Upon A Time' if you don't watch it. go. right. now.


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