Friday, January 13, 2012

Departure from Normalicy

You know how there are those people who blog, and you feel like they don't really exist, even though they obviously do, it's just you know you'll never run into them in real life unless it's on purpose? Well Noah from Systematic Departure from Normalicy is one of those people. In my mind, he's one of those amazingly cool bloggers who I could never have the pleasure of running into on campus. Which until today was one hundred percent true. But, on today, a day that I was determined would be awful, he just so happened to stop me on campus on my way to the testing center, and he took my picture for his blog! I was shocked and delighted :)

Dress-Forever 21

Seriously though, he proved to me that even on days when things seem awful, there can still be little happy moments ;)

A few other happy moments:
-100% on my Book of Mormon quiz
-my hat
-Jamba Juice
-Four month anniversary with Dane :)
-breakfast for dinner

So check out Noah's blog, and enjoy your days, even the ones that are bad, because they can still be great.

Love, Sarai

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Noah said...

Those gloves are great. And they are thrifted? That's just super. Thanks for being well dressed!

Systematic Departure From Normality