Monday, January 30, 2012

I Missed You

Pants-no clue, Lace tee-handmade, Blazer-thrifted, Shoes-Ruche
Jacket-thrifted, Sweater-Ruche, Tunic-Ruche, tights-Icing, Legwarmers-Icing, Boots-papaya

Belt-Mom's drawer

I miss Nancy already.
I want her to come to Provo, and live with me.
I hate that she's gone back to Rexburg
It's a black hole that stole Nancy
I hope I see her soon

Today was a little bit awful actually. I had to see Nancy off, and Dane and I got in a fight, mostly cause I was inconsiderate, and he stonewalled me. Which was awful. But my home teachers were amazing today, and church was delightful, and I played basketball with Mitch during visiting hours, which was hilarious. Apparently I jump like an elf when I throw a ball.

But Dane and I are not in a fight anymore, which is so great. It was weird because the weekend was so delightful, and I was so happy, so the goodbye was awful, putting me in a bad mood, causing it to be difficult to be patient about boyfriend problems.
But we talked, and now I'm happy :)

Love, Sarai

Do you dig the jumping pictures?

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