Monday, January 9, 2012


Hot Air Balloon Necklace-Icing
Nail Polish-When The Stars Align by Icing

It snowed this weekend. Huzzah! I was beyond excited, because one of the reasons I was excited to go to Utah was the snow in the winter. My darling friend Beth was NOT happy however, cause she's from Florida. Slightly different weather..
I always wanted there to be snow in Washington, but all we ever got was one inch every once in a while, and it would melt so fast, there was almost no point in the whole thing. Except school always got cancelled, which was way nice. Obviously college doesn't get cancelled....

As for moments. Today I watched a movie with Dane, and we just hung out all evening. I really love this guy. We were cuddling, and talking, and I randomly tickled him. I have to say, this guy isn't the most outwardly happy, or the most smiley, but when he gets tickled... he has the most adorable laugh. It's like, he pushes me away because he's being tickled, but he's also laughing the entire time, so it's impossible for me to stop. I love that moment. Those few minutes when he doesn't stop laughing, and I'm giggling, and we're pushing each other. I just adore that, so much.

Love, Sarai

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