Sunday, January 22, 2012


Tee-Forever 21
Skirt-Forever 21
Nail Polish-So Hot Right Now by Icing

Church was amazing today. I don't know exactly what happened to make it so amazing though... maybe it was the fact that the lesson was based on each of our personal experiences with service and charity. It was just so insightful, and so humbling to hear people's stories about why charity is so important in our lives. It just made me feel so happy, and I felt like I needed to help everyone, or at least recognize every person that has done anything remotely charitable in my life. I talked specifically about my Mama, and my brother, because they're both such fantastic people. It was just a lovely meeting. And sacrament was so beautiful-it was all about Joseph Smith, and the first vision. I was certainly inspired by it :)

And now, I have a picture of my friend Alyssa, who's outfit was so cute I just had to put it up here :)

I love that she mixed patterns, and that belt, and those buttons. Love it. End of story.

Love, Sarai


Just listening to this gave me chills :)

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