Saturday, February 25, 2012

happy birthday sarai!


It's Sarai's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR! 
Sarai is my person, my best friend, the person that I can confuse hatred and love with and she doesn't care (sometimes a punch or two happens), the one person i don't have to explain my thoughts to because she just gets it. I love our late night giggles. I love how we have telepathy. Two sentences, word for word, at the same time. Be jealous. I love our awkwardness. I love pretending to be batman with our clothes. 
Over the past few years we've realized how some people don't have a person and how lucky we are to have eachother. I don't know who I would send my random texts to during the day, complain about all this wedding business happening around me, and there would be no one to tell me when i'm just being plain ridiculous. 
I love you dearest!
P.S. I wish I could show you all this great picture of us doing the can-can when we were six years-old, wearing awesome strechy floral shorts, me with short boy hair and sarai with her big glasses. But alas, that wonderful photo is back home. 

Casablanca and Other Things

Yvonne from Casablanca in her great jacket.
Striped swimsuits are a must for this summer.
I want a baby so I can paint circus stripes on their nursery ceiling.

And I just love this song. It's on repeat 24/7


Friday, February 24, 2012

Hat-My Momma made it for me :)
Dress worn as shirt-Forever 21
Jeans-Forever 21

Eating with my ladies is the best. Even if it's just at the Cannon Center haha. 
I don't see them as often as I'd like to, even though we live on the same floor, cause I'm always with Mr. Dane. He takes up a lot of my time... which I of course don't mind :)

I'm thinking of cutting my hair again. 

She's just gorgeous, and I want her hair

Love, Sarai

PS: Tonight, Dane is taking me to Pizza Pie Cafe for my birthday dinner! YUM :)




L, is for the Way You Look at Me

Shoes-Forever 21

This is one of my favorite outfits to date. I love it, despite the largeness of my hips in it...

Other things I love right now:

1. Dane
2. Nancy
3. My job
5. Film classes
6. BLT's
7. Jones Soda
8. Heels
9. Audrey and Kelly's new blog
10. Sweet and wonderful late night confessions. I cry a lot...
11. This ring that I just bought for Nancy and I
12. These shoes that I'm wearing above, but in BLUE. OMG.
13. And this outfit for the premiere of The Hunger Games. I'm so excited, I might die. The end.

Love, Sarai


I also love this song

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

top: Thrifted cardigan: H&M jeans: Thrifted boots: Delias necklace: Boutique in Seaside earrings: Gifted nail polish: something by Icing

-wearing this shirt three times in one week
-my chipped nail polish
-making dinner and then feeling something trickle down my nose-realizing it's blood and yelling for Joana to come save my food
-having to explain to everyone why i'm not dating (i'm just scared, okay!)
-Sarai and Dane trying to convince me to make-out with their friend...
-the bathrooms in Sarai's dorm... so glad i have an apartment. that's all i've got say.
-becoming best friends with Dane
-and Kelly. 
-and Audrey.
-getting a ride from Salt Lake for the cost of brownies
-finding Gotye on boy's ipod and rocking out to it
-coming to terms with my dating problems after being "counseled" the whole way to Provo
-boy in the testing center saying that i have cool style
-the beautiful warm weather Rexburg blessed us with today. heaven i tell you.
-Sterling actually making the deadline for the interview for my paper
-all our finds this weekend while thrifting


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You Can Buy Me a Present...

cardigan-Forever 21
Pants-Forever 21
Boots-Gifted (target)
Nail Polish-Red-y Or Not Here I Come by Icing

My birthday is on Sunday... I'm turning nineteen. I know that's a big deal for guys in the church, but it's not really a big deal for many girls. About a year ago, when I was talking to Nancy once, we mentioned that neither of us wants to get married too early. I think twenty-one is a great age, and Nancy used to think twenty-four was perfect. I don't know anymore. I mean, I'm not in a position to get married, but thinking that two years from now is my ideal time to get married? I feel like that is way too soon. Also, I love the relationship I'm in, but once Dane leaves, I'll have to start dating again. I can't think of a single person I actually want to go on a date with right now. I'm all confused and nervous. 

I think birthday's tend to cause panic for me. 

BUT, even though I'm away from home, and Nancy, I will most certainly try to make this the best birthday I've ever had. Also I probably will only get one present, from Dane.

But just in case, here are some ideas for all of you readers who possibly have money you want to blow on this poor, sweet, college student...


Size 6


Size 6


Size small


Size small or medium...

Any shoes from Modcloth
The end.

Things that are pretty and lacy and girly and wonderful

Love, Sarai

This song is on repeat <3

Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't Leave


Shirt-Wally's World

Cardigan-Forever 21? I think
Skirt-Forever 21

When Nancy comes to visit, it makes me wish she lived here. I already wish that, but especially when she's actually here. I think the greatest part of her coming to Provo is that she gets to hang out with Dane, which is a  really good thing, considering that I can't exactly date a guy who doesn't like my best friend. They both seem quite fond of each other, at least to a certain extent. Which is nice. Cause if they hated each other, you know who I'd dump. Obviously not Nancy. Duh. I already miss the little rascal.

Also, Dane is the best. He drove her all the way to Salt Lake, and he even picked me up from work today. So insanely sweet.

Love, Sarai


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Single Valentine... A Day Late.

My roommate always likes to leave me notes... on mirrors to be exact.
Example #1
So when I woke up yesterday morning, not only did I find paper with cut out hearts EVERYWHERE but I found this on my mirror. 

She's really convinced i'll find a boy every time I walk out the door... and since I really want babies this picture seemed mighty appropriate :)
I love Valentine's Day even despite the fact that I have never had a real valentine. I like to wear pink, feel cutesy, eat treats, and give people really cute cards. It's the perfect holiday!
p.s. I just went running for the first time in two months and rocked that treadmill! It may have been because I didn't want to look pathetic next to this cute boy... but hey, I still feel good about it. 
p.p.s. I want this to be my wedding song. 

Butterflies, Roses, and Turtles


I have never had a good Valentine's Day in my entire life. I'm no hater of V-day, but I've always been single, making it just a day for candy and hearts. But this time, I had Dane. My wonderful boyfriend. 
I woke up to this text:

"Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful girlfriend"

My heart melted a little bit.

Then, like the fantastic lady I am, I brought him cupcakes at work. Just a little surprise plate of goodness :)

Later, Dane showed up in my lobby with roses, Turtle Chocolates (I keep telling him I want a Turtle for my birthday), and a sweet little Valentine's card that he made for me in FHE. Most precious card I've ever gotten.

Then we went to Los Hermanos, and had some deliciousness, and free fried ice cream. Then we made out a little bit :)

So basically, everything about my night was wondrous. I have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world.

Also, I'm so sick of people hating on Valentine's Day. I've always been single on V-day, but does that stop me from ingesting chocolate like there's no tomorrow? Oh heck no.

Love, Sarai


This song will always be the song that makes me think of Dane <3