Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

top: Thrifted cardigan: H&M jeans: Thrifted boots: Delias necklace: Boutique in Seaside earrings: Gifted nail polish: something by Icing

-wearing this shirt three times in one week
-my chipped nail polish
-making dinner and then feeling something trickle down my nose-realizing it's blood and yelling for Joana to come save my food
-having to explain to everyone why i'm not dating (i'm just scared, okay!)
-Sarai and Dane trying to convince me to make-out with their friend...
-the bathrooms in Sarai's dorm... so glad i have an apartment. that's all i've got say.
-becoming best friends with Dane
-and Kelly. 
-and Audrey.
-getting a ride from Salt Lake for the cost of brownies
-finding Gotye on boy's ipod and rocking out to it
-coming to terms with my dating problems after being "counseled" the whole way to Provo
-boy in the testing center saying that i have cool style
-the beautiful warm weather Rexburg blessed us with today. heaven i tell you.
-Sterling actually making the deadline for the interview for my paper
-all our finds this weekend while thrifting


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