Saturday, February 25, 2012

happy birthday sarai!


It's Sarai's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR! 
Sarai is my person, my best friend, the person that I can confuse hatred and love with and she doesn't care (sometimes a punch or two happens), the one person i don't have to explain my thoughts to because she just gets it. I love our late night giggles. I love how we have telepathy. Two sentences, word for word, at the same time. Be jealous. I love our awkwardness. I love pretending to be batman with our clothes. 
Over the past few years we've realized how some people don't have a person and how lucky we are to have eachother. I don't know who I would send my random texts to during the day, complain about all this wedding business happening around me, and there would be no one to tell me when i'm just being plain ridiculous. 
I love you dearest!
P.S. I wish I could show you all this great picture of us doing the can-can when we were six years-old, wearing awesome strechy floral shorts, me with short boy hair and sarai with her big glasses. But alas, that wonderful photo is back home. 

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Just Kelly And Me said...

I love both of you in a really creepy way.